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Lighting in decoration

The illumination in the decoration supposes the best use of the natural light and the suitable use of the sources of artificial light, acquiring great protagonism in the decoration.

The misuse of lighting can spoil the decorative idea, so it is convenient to make a planning of the lighting.

The choice of the type of material used to give light and distribution can change the appearance and atmosphere of a room. During the day we should take full advantage of natural light.

As for the lighting of the room, we must choose a soft, warm or neutral general light so that it serves as a “base” to which we will add point lighting lamps.

If we are faced with a decoration with light tones can support all kinds of lights. On the contrary, in a room of dark colors they require an important planning of the light.

Add a “concentrated light” to the reading areas or activities, allowing you to adjust the angle and height.

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