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The concept “loft” consists in enabling a large space with several rooms, without division between the different spaces. It is characterized by the feeling of “empty”, so the common areas are connected, although you can also create more private areas. They take curtains, fabrics, panels to divide the spaces: do not use doors.

One of the most important characteristics of the loft is the height of the spaces. In case of having great height of the ceilings, it would be created by props and finishes and we will get high-altitude sensation.

Being an industrial style, it allows us to show pipes, bricks of the main walls, wiring …

As for the colors, light colors are taken as: gray, blue, creams … The colors will be combined with materials such as brick, metal, cement, etc.

We are faced with a style that would be useful for offices or study stays. If what we want is to convert a property into a “loft” one should look for a place with previous industrial use, old and with high ceilings if possible. There is also the option of creating a “loft” combining housing and study area, spaces such as pubs, offices, etc.

Would you like to create a “loft”?


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